What I Have Learned from My Friends Fighting Cancer

I lost my grandmother to cancer. And I was just a teen. There is so much I would love to talk with her about if given the chance. And so much I just couldn’t understand at the time.

But now I am 41. And my friends are getting sick. A few have passed away. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were all kids.

I have been following the story and life of the Beasley family the last few years. I am not a close friend. We went to college together. I am close with very few people, but I have always thought highly of them, and have been honored to watch their journey, even if mainly on Facebook.

Scott has been fighting colon cancer. Adrienne has been fiercely by his side. Their children are 4 and 6. And they are amazing parents. Most of you who know me already know all of this because you know them too, and I am sure you have been impacted just I have been.

But I so rarely care to write lately. I feel there is so little that is worth saying. People just talk too damn much. But my heart demands that I write about this family’s impact on me, because in a world full of so much ugliness and nonsense, some things are still worth reflecting on.

In the last few years, their journey has impacted my journey as a wife, a mother and a Christian. Here’s how:

  • Adrienne has honored Scott–She always speaks of Scott with love and respect. I have never heard her complain, or even heard her say, “I am tired” and Lord knows she has her hands full. She has enjoyed Scott and their marriage, no matter how hard their days became. She is the picture of strength and loyalty.
  • Scott has honored Adrienne–A woman loves to be loved and Scott clearly loves Adrienne. He boasts about her efforts with the children, with work, around the house and even in the yard. He admires her and it is clear. They have a beautiful marriage and even in the hardest of times, Scott takes time to celebrate their union.
  • Adrienne has taken care of herself–This is actually huge. I have seen Adrienne at the gym over the years and it always impresses me. We all tend to get busy and say we are too busy to take time for ourselves, putting our husbands and children always ahead of ourselves but if she can make time to take care of herself, can’t we all?
  • Scott has never acted like a victim–Scott has dealt with some pretty intense physical battles leaving him in constant pain. But he always says that he is the luckiest man alive. I think this is the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between a good life and a “bad life”: simply HOW WE VIEW IT.
  • They shared their struggle openly–It’s tempting to want to keep our heartache and struggles to ourselves, but I have learned from them that if we share our struggles then people can pray for us and come around us. We are not designed to suffer alone. It’s also a trap to feel like an imposition to other people, thinking to ourselves that people are burdened enough without dealing with our struggles too. But truth be told, it has blessed me to pray for this family, and to vicariously celebrate in their daily victories.
  • They honored God–No matter what, they always honored God through their faith, their hope and their love. They always thanked God for their blessings. They ALWAYS shared their faith and they ALWAYS gave Him all the glory!

I can honestly say that I have worked to become a better wife because of Adrienne and a more thankful Christian because of Scott. I am so blessed to be a witness to their story and my life will be forever touched by their marriage and their example in following Christ.

Scott has recently learned that the doctors have reached the end of their expertise and their ability to intervene. He is spending time with his family and friends. And I have no doubt that his work in God’s kingdom is far from done. God can and does work miracles. He worked a great one already in creating such a great family.

I am honored to be their sister is Christ, to be able to pray for them and be encouraged by their faith.


Thanks Beasley family, for letting God work through you.

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